What is the difference between MS SQL and MySQL

When the software applications are developed, most of the programmers use a relational database management system for creating, reading, updating and deleting the back-end data. Even the RDBMS is manipulated through the custom structured query language. The developers will be having an option of choosing from different RDBMS by the specific requirements of each type of project in cloud server.

Here the choice of database can different from programmer to programmer. There are many enterprises who prefer an open source database system for saving the money in cloud server. There are many large enterprises who choose RDBMS for availing the number of advanced feature with latest mechanism as well as encryption technology.

Both MySQL as well as MS SQL Server are being widely used as an enterprise database systems. MySQL is an open source RDBMS, while an SQL server Microsoft product. One thing that should be remembered is that Microsoft allows businesses from choosing different editions of SQL server according to the needs and budget. Most of the smart programmers keep in mind the major differences between an MySQL and that of MS SQL by picking up the right RDBMS for the project.

Some of the major differences between MySQL and MS SQL are as follows:


  • An SQL server was developed for windows operating system exclusively by Microsoft. However Microsoft has announced that RDBMS will be available on both Linux as well on Mac OS. Hence now the businesses have the option of running the database system on three different types of platforms. But one should remember that these will be lacking some of the features while running it on the SQL server on Linux and on Mac OS. The businesses will be able to run it smoothly on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

What is the difference between MS SQL and MySQL one 

  • Both of these types like MySQL as well as SQL servers supports different programming languages. RDBM supports Python, C++, Ruby, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java and PHP. However there are few additional programming languages supported by MySQL like Perl, Schema, Tcl, Haskel and eiffel. There are various programming languages which is supported by MySQL which makes it very popular among the developers.

What is the difference between MS SQL and MySQL two 

  • There are various numbers of storage engines which supports MySQL. By using the MySQL the programmers do have the option of using the plug-in storage engine. One should remember that the earlier versions of the database systems needs of upgrading the storage engine. Here at the same time the developers need to use the single storage engine while working it with the SQL server. But one needs to switch on to the most recent versions of the RDBMS for availing the improved search engine. Here the multiple storage engine is supported which makes the MySQL more flexible than a MS SQL server.


  • A MySQL cloud server allows the users of filtering out the tables as well as the rows and the users in many number of ways. It requires the users of filtering out the tables, rows and the users by individual database. When the data is filtered the developers have to filter the database tables by running different queries. While an SQL server enables the developers of taking the advantage of row based filtering. A filtered data is being stored in different distribution database. Hence it becomes much easier for the programmers of filtering the multiple rows without considering the number of databases.


  • The enterprise database system is designed as a binary collection. The MySQL enables the developers in manipulating the database files through the binaries that are running. It even allows the database files that needs to be accessed and then manipulated by other type of processes at runtime. An SQL server will not allow any type of processes to access even manipulate the database files or the binaries. Here the hackers have a lack of option of accessing or manipulation of the data directly. Here the design server makes MS SQL Server more secure than that of MySQL.