What is Server and Types of Server?

In this article we are going to discuss about web servers and different types of web servers available. Web Hosting providers use several types of web server based in the requirements of their clients.

What is the Role of Web Server in hosting?

Web servers are considered as core of any type of web hosting service. Truly speaking, without a web server, you can not even imagine to put your website on the web.'


In simple words, a web server is a program that make use of HTTP to serve files and data that make web page to users based on their requests, which is sent by computer systems HTTP connection.

Any web server that provides an XML document to any other device can be call a web server. In simple words, a web server is an Internet based server that responds to HTTP requests to convey content and services.


A web server is always connected to the powerful Internet connection. Each & every website server that connects to the Internet service contains an unique address includes a series of four number between 0 to 255. And the 4 number are separated using dot (.).

As well, a web server permits the web hosting companies to manage several domains and users on one single server.

Various types of web servers

There are numerous of different types of web servers available to choose from. Now we are going to discuss about the few most popular and widely used web servers such as Apache, Nginx and IIS.


Apache web server

This is one of the most popular and widely used web server developed by Apache Software Foundation. Apache is an open sources software which sustains almost each and every operating system containing Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Mac OS and many more. In the world more than 60% of machines runs using Apache web server.


All the tasks related to customization of Apache web servers are much easier to perform because it has modular structure. As it is open source, it enable you to add your own modules to the server whenever you need as well as modification that match your needs.

Nginx web server

Another well-known and an open source web server is Nginx, in contains IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Nginx is widely popular due to ins performance, reliability, easy configuration and less resources utilization.



Nginx does not use any kind of threads to manage requests instead a much more scalable event-driven framework which utilizes much less and foreseeable amounts of memory under load. These days it gaining huge popularity and currently hosting around 7.5% of domain names globally. There are numerous of hosting companies using this web server these days.


IIS web server

IIS (Internet Information Services) a product of Microsoft corporation. This server contains almost every feature of Apache web server. But it is not an open source software as well as adding any additional modules is not that easy at the same time modification becomes more difficult in the web server.


Microsoft Corporation designed this software and maintains it, therefore it works perfectly fine with all the Windows based operating systems and platforms. Microsoft provide excellent customer support is any user face anu kind of issues related to it.


Several web hosting providers choose web server based on the needs of their clients, the number of clients, number of websites, the software/applications clients utilize and amount of web traffic they get that could be managed by a web server. So it is recommended to choose a web server wisely to suits your needs