What Steps can be taken for Securing the Account and Server?

For improving the security on the servers, we have encouraged the clients in following some of the best practices. One should keep the contact information current as well as updated in the website hosting cPanel. This steps is very important in receiving the important information as well as critical updates. One must also keep the website applications current as well as updated with the latest version whenever it is possible in hosting. This will the hosting experience much better.

Below are some of the security tips that will help you in securing your account and server:

  • One must make sure that you are having an up to date spyware/malware and an anti virus protection on any of the computer which is connecting to the site via an FTP and SSH.. You need to run the scan regularly on these machines and then fix it whenever if any issue arises.
  • After the above step has been performed you need to change all the FTP user account and passwords. You must make sure that the passwords that you have reseted is secure. Always use the upper and the lower case letters as well as numbers.
  • You must make sure of allow_url_include, fopen and then register_globals are set to the “off” within any type of customized php.ini files which you are having within the account. Also you must make sure that you have included the insecure functions within the list disable_functions. This will only be applied if you have been running the PHP applications within the account.
  • You can update any of the applications that you have been running to the latest version. The newer version will be contacting the security patches for knowing the exploits which are within the applications. This will also be applied to the third party plugin which you have been running for the applications.
  • You can search for the applications for further securing the applications. There are a few extra steps that you can take.
  • You can keep an eye on the files that is within the account, you need to pay attention to the files that are not yours, or if it recently modified. There can be indications of a malicious content, you can remove the malicious content that is found.
  • You can always make a personal frequent backup, you need to make sure that the backups have not been infected with any type of malicious code. By following this procedure you will have an option of easily restoring the files that you dont require.
  • You need to check all the administrative areas of the website. You need to make sure that all of them are password protected. Sometimes there are hackers that remove this type of protection this could lead to an easy entry at a later part.
  • Lastly you need to check all the applications that are for the administrative users accounts where the hackers may have setup as the back doors. You need to remove any type of suspicious user accounts.