Where are HostingRaja servers located?

HostingRaja servers are being located in numerous data centers across India. Our servers are located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Noida and much more of cities. We are partnered with best data centers all over India. We provide the smart expansions option for the IT requirements without the need for large expansion of your expenses. We also offer data center facilities which are highly secure and these facilities are being built across India.

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HostingRaja data center services and facilities make use of latest technology that avoids any type of component failure. Our data center service helps our customer in reducing the prices, and good scalability which ends up with a higher IT management. We offer a data center facility that includes an uninterrupted electrical supply. The electrical power is being generated through the multiple sources of power generation plants. And this will increase your IT infrastructures stability and reliableness.

HostingRaja data center facilities consist of integrated management of IT infrastructure, applications and different kinds of services. We tend to distribute all the data across completely different locations to avoid any kind of failure from the single source. If you would like any kind of help, you can talk to our data center consultants. We have got highly experienced members, who will be giving you the reliable solution for any type of queries.

The datacenters of HostingRaja is powered by the dual active sources of power from two different power generation plants. A dual power supply will increase the server reliability and stability. The data center is of Tier 4 fault tolerant. Tier 4 data center is the recent technology and considered as the robotic and less prone to any kind of issues. Our data centers are built with redundant subsystems and compartmented security zones which are being controlled by the biometric access control strategies. Our datacenter follows the carrier Neutral model, in this type of model the servers are hosted during a facility that gives various internet carriers.

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HostingRaja Data Center Features:

1) Six Zone Security System

2) Carrier Neutral Datacenter

3) Lean Six Sigma and ITIL Framework

4) Highly energy efficient data centers

5) 24/7 security throughout the datacenter

6) We offer 24x7x365 Monitoring

7) 24/7 CCTV monitoring

8) We offer 99.95% uptime SLA

9) Man-trap at the data center entrance

10) 3 levels of biometric access control for the server area