The server is designed to fulfill the massive requirement of the website. It is the most expensive kind of hosting services but delivers the worthy performance for it. The users always have the confusion for the question of whether the dedicated server has to be purchased or it has to be rented from the hosting services provider.

The answer to this question could be indefinite as it relies on your business. You will have to think about multiple aspects of handling the server, location of the server, need of a dedicated admin for that etc. The best answer whether to buy or rent it can be found only by examining the scenarios completely.

When owning a server includes the one more terminology ‘colocation’. This is the sense the server we buy will be placed at the datacenters wherein the peripheral requirements will be taken care by the datacenters. The peripheral requirements may be like The air conditioner environment to set up the ideal temperature. The electricity requirement, Internet services and more.  

The data center charges a certain amount for the maintenance they do. The maintenance charges are less compared to what you pay as rent for the servers.

Do you secure my server ?
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Both renting and buying server scenarios have the set of advantages and disadvantages.

Renting a server.

Renting a server looks better options when you think of the hassle-free experience. Renting a server refers to taking the dedicated services from one of the hosting provider companies. The hosting service providers take care of the complete scenarios related to the server, All you have to do is you have to pay for what plan you choose.

---> Advantages of renting a server <---

  1. Hassle-free hosting experience

  1. Paying monthly rental is very less compared to buying a server

  1. Complete support for the hosting services you are provided.

  1. In case of a hardware failure, the hosting service will replace it for you.

  1. Additional features of the hosting services

  1. No Need to worry about configuration

---> Disadvantages of renting a server over buying a new one <---

  1. The maintenance cost of own server is less compared to the rent you pay.

---> Buying a server <---

Buying a server can be thought of a better option when you need that server for long-term use. The rent of the service is more compared to the cost that it takes while you place it in the datacenters. But buying and maintaining a server is not as easy as it looks. When you buy a dedicated plan you need an Admin who has to take care of the configuration and other aspects of the server

---> Advantages of buying a server <---

One time investment

Maintaining it at the data center is cheaper compared to renting it from the hosting providers.

---> Disadvantages of buying a server <---


    1.  Though it is one-time investment it costs in lakhs

    2.   If hardware fails the datacenters will not be responsible and backup server will not be


    3.  The dedicated admin to monitor cost is an added cost.

    4.  During relocation transportation and resetting is required.

---> Conclusion: <---

Though you can not come to a cent percent satisfying conclusion, by comparing the numbers of advantages and Disadvantages of buying and renting a server it can be easily concluded that the renting will be more beneficial and convenient.