Which plan will support asp.net, Java, MySQL etc.?


What is ASP.NET?


ASP means Active Server Pages, and .NET means Network Enabled Technologies. ASP.Net is a web development platform offered by Microsoft. It is being used for creating web-based applications. The ASP.NET has been released in the year 2002. The first version of ASP.Net which was brought into action is 1.0 and the latest version of ASP.Net is 4.6. It is been designed to work with the HTTP protocol. And it is the standard protocol which is being utilized in all the web applications. ASP.Net applications will also be written in numerous of .Net languages.


What is Java?


Java is a programing language and provides software for multiple platforms. Once the programmer writes the Java application, the compiled code will run on the OS (Operating System), along with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java derives most of its syntax from the C and C++ programming languages. Java program development will require the Java software tool for development, that generally includes an interpreter, documentation generator,  compiler, and much more of different other tools which are utilized for producing the application.


What is MySQL?


MySQL is an open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which makes use of Structured Query language (SQL). SQL is the widely popular language for accessing, adding and managing content in the database. It is being recognized for fast processing, flexible to use and proven reliability. MySQL is a necessary part of each and every open source PHP application.


HostingRaja plan will support asp.net, Java, MySQL:


There are numerous of hosting plans available in HostingRaja. First of all the plan which support asp.net, Java, MySQL are the Gold plan and Unlimited plan.






















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