Why should you integrate tomcat with Apache for better performance ?

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When you combine two very popular application servers such as Apache and tomcat, you can get the best of out of these two applications server. 

You may think that, tomcat is being a web server, then why do we need to run another web server such as Apache. Generally customers run Apache on port 80 and tomcat on port 8080.

Why Apache with tomcat

  • Security - Apache comes with lots of security plugins such as mod security, request timeout, limit IP, Sym link protection and much more, these plugins can protect your Java applications from hacking or injection.

  • Multiple SSL - You can run many websites when you run your tomcat application behind the Apache server and using single IP, Multiple SSL can provided for many websites

  • Many Plug and Play tools readily available when you use Apache server, Whereas with tomcat, these works can become time consuming and tedious. Example, Cache management, compression and many more.

  • Apache act as a load balancer - Apache can act as  a entry point for your servers or application port, Which can redirect the application request to tomcat server. In fact, It provides kind of high availability to your tomcat instances.

  • Scalable Architecture -  When you run multiple instances behind the Apache, you can scale your tomcat applications easily

  • One apache server and multiple applications in a single server -  you can run a single apache server and using virtual host, You can point it to multiple websites

  • Quick / Fast Response - Apache is better at delivering static content or huge amount of content can be delivered using apache easily than tomcat

If you want to play with headers and URLs often as required by the Google's algo changes, then it is better to keep Apache in front end and keep tomcat in the backend. Like doing a 301 redirection or handling error conditions and many other options becomes easy with Apache, rather than with tomcat server. So, We always suggest our customers to use Apache in the frontend.
Network handling at socket level - Apache can handle the network related work better than tomcat. The performance of apache in handling new incoming connection is much faster and efficient than tomcat.

One of the best advantage of using Managed Java hosting platform is, You get all the expertise and knowledge from our experienced Java  engineers. We will integrate Java tomcat application server with Apache, In case, If you want to do it yourself, then you can follow this link.

The following link explains how to integrate tomcat and apache.


The following link explains about configuring your Apache server with multiple tomcat instances. Read http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/ehchua/programming/howto/apacheplustomcat_howto.html