Windows Plesk Server - How to use Parked Domain

You can park your domain under main domain. This Parked Domains modules will be used only by Users. As all the modules are enabled it will be there in WHM HR Panel. Parked Domain is used for reserving the domain name for the future development, and also to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.


1. Login into your HR Panel and click on Parked Domain


2. Create a new Parked Domain by entering the new parked domain name.


3.   Click on create to create the Parked Domain

4. Your Parked Domain which is created will be there.

5. You can delete the parked domain if not needed.

6. You can watch video Tutorial about this

Parked Domain refers to the registration of an web hosting domain name without that domain being associated with any of the services such as a website. Windows Dedicated Server from HostingRaja for large business website at affordable price. They will provide you 6 plans from which can chose the best one for your website. Using Parked Domain module you can create a parked domain to reserve it for future use.