How to Backup MSSQL Database from SQL Management Studio

For taking the MS SQL database backup in Dedicated Server , first and foremost thing you have to do is to connect it to the MS SQL server, through the server management studio.

Step 1: Once you have been connected to the Microsoft SQL server database engine, which is at the left hand side in the Object explorer panel, you need to click on the SQL server name for expanding the server tree in a dedicated server.

Step 2: Then you are required to expand the databases and then you need to right click on the database.

Step 3: After expanding the database you need to select the tasks and the click backup. This will be opening the backup database window.

Step 4: Now in the backup type list box you need to select full for the backup component and click database.


Step 5: Now you need to enter the name for the backup set or accept the suggested default backup set name.

After that you can enter the description of the backup set.

Step 6: Now you can choose the type of backup destination to Disk and the click on Add. Now you can select the destination where you would like to store the database.

Step 7: Once you have selected the backup destination you can click on Ok.

Step 8: Always make sure that backup destination you have chosen is being listed in the destination box, once done you need to click on Ok.