How to Set Date and Time for Windows?

For your Windows based system to function properly, it is much crucial that the date and time are correct. If your date and time are not correct you may face delays in operating system update or any anti-virus software update. You may also find troubles in logging in to some websites.

Follow these steps to set the date and time in your Windows Hosting system:

  • In the bottom right-hand side corner of the the Windows screen, click the Windows notification section where you view the date and time of your system.
  • Hit change date and time Settings option in the bottom of the Windows, shown in the screenshot below.


  • Under the Date and Time option, hit Change time zone.

  • From the Time Zone Settings screen, select your nearest city, region and country from the dropdown.

  • Hit OK button.


Now you can set time and date manually:

  • Hit the clock in the bottom right corner of the Windows screen.

  • Look to Change date and time settings.

  • Under the Date and Time option, Click Change date and time.


  • In the Date and Time Settings screen, manually enter the correct values.


  • Hit OK button.


Now you have successfully changed the date and time of your Windows system.


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