Disabling auto log off in Windows

Windows based solution has become a popular choice among a lot of people for their website hosting as in  Windows hosting you get simply and best hosting option, where it supports Visual Basic, .NET , ASP and another programming languages.Windows based hosting is comfortable and has easy to use interface. Windows hosting is also effortlessly compatible in terms of programming features such as PHP, MySQL etc.

In this page, we will discuss how to disable auto logoff on Windows based hosting account and is applicable for windows VPS hosting, Windows Unlimited Hosting, Windows VPS or dedicated customers.


What is Windows auto log off?


Automatically log off option use to disconnect the RDP user automatically, if the user is not active for a specific period of time.


Your RDP connection will disconnect automatically in windows solution , once it reaches the ideal session timeout limit.


You can disable this option if the RDP connection gets disconnected repeatedly.


Steps to disable auto log off in Windows Server:


Step 1: Login server using Remote Desktop application (RDP)


Step 2: Click on the Start button >> Search and Click on Edit Group Policy

Step 3: In your group policy console >> navigate to Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Remote Desktop Services >> Remote Desktop Session Host >> Session Time Limits

Step 4: Double Click on “Set Time Limit for the disconnected session” >> Select “Disabled” option and click on Apply.

You can also use :

End a disconnected session:  Using this you define the maximum amount of time that a disconnected user session should be active on the RD Session Host server.And you choose “Never” then the disconnect session will be maintained for the unlimited time where the programs which are running are kept alive even when the session is not actively connected


Active session limit: You can define the maximum amount of time that the user's RD Services session should be active before it gets disconnected. And in this case, the user will get a warning 2 minutes before the session is disconnected for the user to save and close the files and programs.  


Idle session limit: you can define the maximum time RDP session can be idle before getting disconnected, and the user will get a warning 2 minutes before the session is disconnected  


Following the above steps, you can disable auto log off for your RDP sessions.


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