How Can I Install Plesk Panel on Windows Cloud?

If you wish to choose particular components of Plesk panel for installation, you can easily install Plesk using the GUI (graphical user interface). Follow below mentioned steps to install Plesk Panel on Windows Cloud Server:


  1. Have a look at and head over to the Plesk Windows Installer area.

  2. Hit the download button and save the plesk-installer.exe file to your system.

  3. Open the Windows command prompt. Alter the functioning directory to the one where you saved the installer binary, after that run the following command:


plesk-installer.exe --web-interface

After entering the above command, the installer will launch in your web browser. Run the following command to install an earlier version of Plesk:

plesk-installer.exe --web-interface--all-versions

Choose the desired interface language from the drop down and log in with your Windows administrator credentials to go ahead. Once you login, you will see welcome screen. after this you will come here to add, delete, remove, alter Plesk components. Although at the present time, the only accessible option is to install Plesk panel.

If you wish to modify installation environments, hit Updates source and installation settings.

On this Windows you find the following options:


  • Modify the source of installation files. Usually these installation is downloaded from Plesk servers. Although you may with to install from another server or from any other source.

  • Modify the directory to which the installer will download the files.

  • By default you will see C:\ParallelsInstaller\parallels.

  • Arrange the HTTP proxy server address and if needed username and password details.

  • Modify the installer interface language.


Once you are done with everything correctly, hit Save button to continue.

Back on Welcome Window, hit Install or upgrade product to continue to next step.

At present, it is the time to select the version of Plesk panel to install on your Windows Cloud server. Tick the checkbox next to Plesk, and choose the version of Plesk you want and the type of installation from the menu. On the above screenshot, you are at the point of installing the latest version of Plesk panel.

The type of installation decides which Plesk components and characteristics will be installed. Following three types of installations are available:


  • By default or recommended type of installation contains all the components essential for Cloud server hosting as well as most essential features. In case you are not sure about the type of installation, going with this option is recommended.

  • Nd available option is Full Installation type contains each and every components and features of Plesk panel. Keep in mind choosing this type of installation needs more disk space.

  • The third and last type of installation is Custom installation, enables you to pick the items to install from the list of available components. This type of installation is recommended for professional Plesk users.


You don’t have to concern about the type of installation because you can add or remove component from Plesk anytime after the installation process completes.

Custom installation looks similar to the screenshot given above- check the components you wish to install with the box in green color and uncheck the icon for those you do not with to use with red color box. Once you are done with selection, click continue button to go ahead.


Once you have chosen the type of installation, you may be proposed to configure extra settings and tools, for example the Plesk directory, the directory to keeping the content of web pages hosted in Plesk panel as well as password for the Plesk “admin”.

Once you are done with the settings, hit Continue button to start the installation process.

The installation process normally takes upto 30-90 minutes, based on the number of components and features you selected for installation, accessible system resources, the speed on your internet connection.