How to install MSSQL in Windows Virtual Machine?


Windows is one of the most liked and also most used Operating System. So, for this reason, today most of the people who are looking to host a website they likely to use Windows for their website. The reason why many people pick the Windows hosting for their website is that it is very much compatibility and any users who are looking forward to using specific applications, such as Microsoft's ASP.NET, Active Server Pages (asp), or build a website with Microsoft FrontPage, then Windows hosting is the best option for them because in Windows hosting it supports all the programming language.


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Note: Before you install MSSQL in your Windows Server or Windows VPS Hosting you have to make sure that you have .NET Framework 4.0.


Here is the information on How to install MSSQL in Windows Server or Windows VPS Hosting:


>>> Login to your Windows server with the administrator user


>>> Download the SQL server set up from here--


>>> Once done click on the install file and then click on RUN



>>> Click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation


>>> Next Click on I accept the license terms in license page



>>> In Product Updates page click on include SQL server products updates and click on next.



>>> Click on all the instance features option and click on next


>>> Next choose the named instance or you can also choose on default instance and click on next



>>> In the server configuration you can choose your desired Windows services or you can also keep the default. Click on next.



>>> In Database Engine configuration choose your authentication mode between Windows accounts or Mixed Mode where it allows Windows accounts and SQL accounts. And also choose the password. Click on next.



>>>  Next in the Data Directories you can choose or change the locations of your log files and other files that SQL will use by giving the exact path. Click on next.



>>> Once the installation has completed, you will receive the following details. Check the image below.



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