Is Windows supporting Node.js or not?

Node.js is a platform, which is based on the Chrome Javascript runtime, Nodejs is used in building the networking applications with features of very fast response speed and it is very easy to expand. Nodejs runs on a variety of operating system. Here we will be focusing on the ways by which one can proceed in building the Node.js on the windows webs hosting platform.

It is not a very hard task to set up the Node.js on the Windows hosting platform. Here one should remember the specific steps of setting up the node.js on the windows server. Here the whole process of installation is the same hence one doesn't have to worry about which is the OS version and what is being happened to the operating system one is using.

Downloading a Windows Installer pack

Here you will be required to have a computer which is having the Node installed. One should be going to the Node.js page and then choose the requisite installer and then download it. Here in this example we will be choosing to download the “windows installer” package. One should remember of choosing the most adaptive installer package for the set up course.


Operating the Node.js set up wizard

You should be going to the “downloads” section and then find the installer package you have downloaded. Now you need to click twice on it and then open the setup wizard of it. You will be able to see an installation window. Now you need to click “Next” and then you need to fulfill the whole “Setup Wizard”. If there any interruption in the installation process then you can open the previous package again and then Click on the “Repair” button for fixing the problems that is existing.

Getting the Installation Process Finished

Once the installation process is finished you need to click on the “Finish”. It would be better to restart the computer before the node.js installation under the command. This will enable you in refreshing the Windows OS as its registry files will be adjusted in this process.

Confirming Whether Node.js is Working on Windows or Not?

Once the installation process of node.js and the node package manager is finished, you will have to check if the Node.js is taking its effect or not. Here we will be using a relatively simple Node.js application for showing how to do it.


Building the Node.js Application

The first and the foremost thing to perform is on how to build the local folder for the application which you have chosen. Here the designed location will enable the application in accessing the files through windows command prompt.

Configuring the Hello World Spirit

To know if the Node is running smoothly on the Windows server, you will be required to configure the hello world spirit. You need to copy and paste the code to this “hello-world.js” file. Here the configuration code is the official code which is provided by the Node.js and can be used as it is.

Configure a Hello World Script

Executing the Windows Command Prompt

Now you need to execute the first finished Node.js application. Now you can input the node.js in the “Search Programs and Files” text box in finding it. Now you need to run the “Node.js Command Prompt” directly from the Windows “Start” menu.

Here you will be able to notice that “Node.js Command Prompt” is the command line interface. For taking the advantage of the command line interface, head to the referred Node.js applications folder. Now you will be required to input the modified directory contents commands like “cd \Desktop\test-projects\my-node-js-app” in the interface.


Testing the Hello World Spirit

Now you should be adding the command as the “node hello-world.js” for operating the “hello-world.js” file. If everything is fine you will be asked by the command line interface that “Server running at Now you can type the in the browser of your choice. Here the browser will be opening and you will be able to see “Hello World” here everything is working well here.

After all the steps have been performed there is nothing else you need to do. Here the Node.Js on the Windows server will run well. If you are not satisfied with the Node.js and want to install it then you need to click on “Start” to find the “Control Panel” and then you need to click on “

Once you have done all the mentioned steps smoothly, there is nothing you need to do. Up to now, Node.js on your Windows server is supposed to run well. If you are not satisfied with Node.js and wants to uninstall it then you need to click on “Start” in finding the “Control Panel” and then click on the “Programs and Features”. Then you need to follow the instructions as it is suggested.