How do I open port 443 on Windows


Windows is one of the most used Operating System in the world. And today more and more people like to go with the Windows OS. The reason behind it is that in Window servers they accept any application from Microsoft leading to fast and efficient integration. And in terms of database servers, it supports MySQL and MSDE. And it provides a complete combination relational database support, and GUI support in the Windows Hosting. Windows hosting also allows the development of software and the server very easily accessible at a fair price.


If you look around today a lot of people and business are using the website for their personal use or for their business purpose. And today if you have a website then you can easily showcase as well as market your business products and services. Not only that with the help of website you can also get connected to the customers around you and also across the globe. As we mentioned about today there are two most popular operating system in the world they Linux and Window. And both the operating system have their own different features and advantages. And today if you are using the Windows based web hosting for your website and if you are looking for information on How to open port 443 on Windows server then here is the complete information.


Information on How to open port 443 on Windows server:


-->> Login to your RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol)

-->> Click Start and click on Administrative Tools

-->> Click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.



-->> Click on the Inbound Rules and the list will appear


-->>  Click on New Rule



-->> Here click on the Port and click on next



-->> Now click on TCP and then in specific local port give your port number and click on next.



-->> Next click on Allow the connection then click next



-->> It automatically will allow all. So click on next



-->> In the final stage it will come up with a name including a port number which you have given. Now click on Finish.



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