Unable To Add Domain From Plesk Panel


If in case your hosting package consists of more than one domain name or a website, then you will be able to easily add the domains to the server. Before beginning to add a new domain it will be making use of a second-level domain name, so need to make sure to register this domain name. In HostingRaja we provide the domain name registration service, so you will be able to do this from the Customer Panel. Or else need to register your domain name with other domain name registration providers. In HostingRaja we provide both the domain name registration service along with web hosting, then you can initiate domain registration directly from Plesk.

Windows Shared Hosting Plan

If you are looking for low budget windows hosting plan, then you can go with our shared hosting plan. It comes with all you need, such as hosting, enough CPU and RAM to run your small website and nice webmail and email accounts. Our shared windows plan comes with Plesk control panel and It is available in various plans such as Unlimited hosting, silver, Gold and premium plans.

The add-on domain in the Plesk is complete a new domain and having a unique website helps in creating within your control panel. The Add-on Domain in Plesk permits to host additional domains. Actually, it is a secondary domain hosted on cPanel account. It is completely separated from the primary domain name. You need to register the new domain name for hosting add-on domain name.


If your service provider provides the domain name registration service along with web hosting, then you can initiate domain registration directly from Plesk.


Add Protected Directory failed

When trying to add a domain from Plesk panel, you might receive an error as below.

Error: ProtDir_IIS::update() failed: Add Protected Directory failed: columns siteId, path are not unique (Error code 1)

When does the problem occur?

The above error means the protected directory was not synchronized properly.
How to fix this issue

Login to your server via RDP & access command prompt. Execute the command below and restart the IIS.

“%plesk_cli%\\repair.exe” –synchronize-protected-directories-storage
The above command will synchronize the directories on the server & you should be able to add the domains now.

Also refer Unable to Add domain in Plesk Panel if the domain name is already available on the IIS server.

Windows Virtual Hosting Server

HostingRaja windows vps servers are quite popular due to the high quality service receiveed by our customers. All our windows vps hosting server comes with Plesk license to fully control your web server. It also supports various version of ASP.NET, Crystal report and many other important features needed for you.