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How do you download files on a Windows Plesk?


If you having a website today then you can easily get connected to the people around the world and you can also easily showcase your business products and services to the people around you and also across the globe. And with the help of the website, you can easily create brand awareness and also market your products. And for this reason today a lot of people wanted to own a website. And today if you are planning to buy a website then there are two main operating systems they are Linux OS and Windows OS.


If you are planning to go with Windows OS for your website then you can easily manage your website and you also get more compatibility in your hosting. And in Windows hosting, it offers almost every technology that is available for Linux plus some additional ones. In Windows hosting you also get ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Active Directory which are examples of programs that are exclusive to Windows. Today if you are using a Windows hosting for your website and if you are looking for information on How to download files on a Windows server? Then here is the complete information with images where you can easily get the files.


Information on How do you download files on a Windows server:


There are two methods from where you can take the backup.

1. Plesk panel

2. FTP account


1. Plesk panel.


---> Login to Plesk


---> Click on Backup manager



---> Click on Backup



---> In Back Up the Subscription click on ok



---> your Backup file is read


---> Click on the Down arrow symbol to download the file.



2. FTP account.

First, you need an FTP Client. And you need to install FileZilla application to access the FTP account.


---> Login to FTP account by adding IP address, Username, and Password. Click on connect


---> Click on your domain name under my site

---> Now you are connected to your server. On the left side of the client, there are files which are saved on your personal computer. On the right side of the client, there are files which are saved on the web server.

---> Click the right mouse button on files on the right side of client and select Download.

---> Files will be downloaded to your computer.



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