Limit the outgoing messages in Plesk Panel

At Plesk panel, you can limit the outgoing messages with the minimal configuration in the server. Why we need to limit the outgoing mails is because the bulk of emails can cause the high traffic in the server and that could result in a huge number of emails to be in the queue. By default, the emails will be limited to 30 per four. You can change the same in the settings in Windows hosting Plesk panel.

Procedure to limit the emails in the Plesk panel is as follows.

1. Log in to the server with the provided credentials.


2. Click on Limit outgoing messages.


3. Give your input value in numbers. You can give the values between 0 to 30.
    There is also an option to make it as unlimited.

4. Click on ok.

you can also set the values to unlimited. but limiting it in the range of 50 is always a better option.