How to Enable Compression in Windows Plesk


Today a lot of people are using the Windows operating system for their website hosting. The reason behind it is that in Windows hosting you get simply and best hosting option where it supports Visual Basic or .NET programming. Windows hosting is also effortlessly compatible in terms of programming features such as PHP and MySQL. And today if you are using Windows webs hosting services for your website and if you are looking for information on how to enable the Compression in Windows Plesk Hosting then here is the information.

In this page, we will discuss compression and how to enable compression in your windows based hosting and is applicable for
windows VPS hosting,, Windows Unlimited Hosting, Windows VPS or dedicated server customers.

is used to reduce the file size of a file or a many files, which in turn would increase your website speed, there many types of file compression like Zip, Gzip, RAR, Stufflt etc Each of these have a different compression algorithm. The most common type of compression is GZIP compression. GZIP is a file format and also is a method of compressing the files for faster network transfers, It provides smaller files sizes to  the web server and allows the server to load the website faster

It is important to enable compression because it is very much recommended by Google or others to pay more attention to the faster loading of the website and also a slow loading website would not fetch customers. Hence Enabling compressions becomes a standard practice There are so many things can be done in Windows hosting, either shared or windows VPS hosting, But compression of the web pages are most important and gives quick results.

You can Enable compression in two ways

>> enable compression using web.config file

>> enable compression through IIS

To configure compression by modifying a web.config file.

Compression is already enabled for domains in IIS by default (after installation of static/dynamic compression feature). If it is not enabled additionally enable GZIP compression entirely in the Web.config file like below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




<urlCompression doStaticCompression="true" doDynamicCompression="true" />



For caching put the following in <system.webServer> section of Web.config file:

<caching enabled="true" enableKernelCache="true" />

The above method is to enable Compression using web.config file

To enable compression in IIS:

Step 1: Login into the RDP


 Step 2: After you open your RDP >> go to IIS manager  and open IIS manager

Step 3: In  IIS manager >> on left-hand side expand the windows (administrator) >> and click sites >> search for your website name  and click on your website name

Step 4: After you click on the website name under the sites  >> click on Compression or Output Caching.


Step 5: Go to back to the before page(website page ->IIS > %Server_name% > Sites > %domain_name%)

Step 6:
After you  to the before page >> go to Management division double click on Configuration Editor as shown below


Step 7: In Section drop-down menu expand the system.webServer and choose either Caching or urlCompression.

Step 8:
Modify the parameters

doDynamicCompression    ----> True

doStaticCompression         -----> True

dynamicCompressionBeforeCache ----> True

After you done the changes and click on Apply


Follow the above steps you can enable Compression on Windows Plesk

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