How to set the default site for an IP address

Using Window based server for your website is one of the best options and Windows web applications and related software have become very cost-effective and you also get more advanced features in it. So today if you are a web developer or if you want to use an ASP.NET platform and the .NET application platform to develop software then using Window based server is one of the best options. Not only that you can also go with managed Windows server where it is provided in a completely secure environment using the select firewalls and special configurations applied to these mission-critical applications.

And today if you are using a website based on Windows dedicated host and now if you are looking for information on how to set the default site for an IP address in Windows server then here is the complete information on it. In Windows dedicated server you can select and change the domain name as per your desired IP address and make it point to that domain name from your Plesk control panel. Doing this is also very much useful if you want to preview a site before changing your DNS settings.

Follow the below steps to set the default site for an IP address in Windows server:

>> Log into the Plesk panel

>>  Go to Tools & Settings

>> Under Tools & Resources click on IP addresses

>> Now click on the IP which is displayed

>> Now in Default site choose the domain

>> Click on Ok