How to Setup Plesk Control Panel in Windows VM?


Plesk is one of the best control panel tool available for Windows VPS server and you can setup Plesk control panel in Windows VPS server by following below mentioned steps:

  • Type in your browser and scroll-down to Plesk Installer section.

  • Hit the download button and save the plesk-installer.exe file on your system.

  • Open the command prompt window on your system.  Modify the working directory to the one in which you stored the installer binary, then run the below mentioned command:


"plesk-installer.exe --web-interface"

Once you accomplish the above steps, the installer GUI will be launched in your browser. If you wish to setup the latest preview of the future release, run the below mentioned command:

plesk-installer.exe --web-interface--tier testing

If you wish to install a previous version of Plesk, run the following command:

plesk-installer.exe --web-interface--all-versions


Choose the desired interface and enter the login credentials to proceed to next step. Once you hit login button, you will be greeted by the installer GUI Welcome Screen. Now you can add, remove, upgrade, update plesk components. Now at this moment we need to install Plesk.


If you wish to modify the installation settings, hit Updates Source and installation settings from this screen

From this screen you can do the below mentioned tasks:

  • Modify the source/path of the installation files. In normal, they are easily downloadable from Plesk servers. Anyway, if you want you can install from different server.

  • Modify the directory to which the installer will download the files.

  • By default you can see : C:ParallelsInstallerparallels.

  • Arrange the HTTP proxy web server address and if needed, get ready with the username and password of the server you are going to install Plesk.

  • If you want to use any other language, you can change the installer interface language here.

  • Once you are done with everything, hit save button to continue to next step.


From this screen you need to go back to the welcome screen, locate to Install or Upgrade product option and click it to continue.


Here from this screen you need to select the version of Plesk panel to install. Tick the checkbox displayed next to Plesk and choose the desired version of Plesk and type of installation from the menu. From the given screenshot above, you are at the point of installing the current version of Plesk Panel.

The type of installation make certain which Plesk components as well as features will be installed. The following types of installations are available:

  • The installation type which is recommended contains all component and features needed for web hosting and other related services including email, databases, web server etc. opting for recommended option is always safe.

  • 2nd available option is Full installation and it contains all Plesk features and components. But you should keep in mind that selecting this option will need the more disk space.

  • Another option is Custom Installation, as name itself indicates, custom. This option allow you to choose the custom component and features from the list. If you are experienced and expert then you can opt for this option.


Note: You don’t have to worry about the installation type and if you think selected installation type ifs not suited for your needs, you can change, add or remove at any point of time.


If you go with custom installation type, it looks like above screenshot, you can mark and unmark the options and once you are satisfy with the components save then and move to next step.

Once you are done with the selection of installation type, you may moved to configure extra settings, for example Plesk installation directory, path for storing user data and path for storing content of websites etc. Then you need to choose the password for Plesk administrator panel. Keep this password in safe place because you need it to login to Plesk panel.

After configuring everything including settings and all, click Continue button to start the installation.


Note: The installation process normally takes between 30 to 90 minutes subject to the number of components you have selected for installation, the speed of your Internet connection and system resources available. Once you are done with everything Plesk will be Installed on your Windows VPS server.