How many MS SQL Databases are Available in Windows?

Very rarely our valuable customers have faced issues related to MS SQL databases. With our Windows Hosting plans you will be provided with upto 5 to 10 GB databases, approximately 10,000 MB in size.

What is MS SQL?

MSSQL is a short form of Microsoft SQL server. It is known as a relational database that is mainly used to store the information of web pages such as blog entries, user details etc. MS SQL is one of the widely known database for Windows based server.  It is not available for free of cost but is contains numerous of powerful features that make it best choice for online businesses.


Top Features of MS SQL

In simple words, a MS SQL database effecient of storing any kind of data website owner wish to store. MSSQL will expeditiously store and get information and several website visitors can access in at same time. You will make use of SQL statements to perform all these tasks. Technically speaking, most of versions of MS SQL contains the following feature:


  • Buffer management

  • Logging and Transaction details

  • Concurrency and locking

  • Replication services

  • Analysis services

  • Notification services

  • Integration services

  • Full text search service

  • Stored procedures

  • Triggers

  • Views

  • Sub-SELECTs (i.e. nested SELECTs)


What is MS SQL Database used for?

MS SQL is a database for Windows based applications such as .NET and ASP. These programming languages make it much easier to connect to MS SQL database. MS SQL os also utilized for several other CMS platforms as well other scripts.


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