How to take MSSQL database backup using Plesk Panel

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This article explains to you How to take MSSQL database backup in Windows Server.

There are several ways to create MSSQL database backup.

To take MSSQL database backup from Plesk Panel using Databases option.

Login to Plesk Panel

Click on Databases at the right side

Select the particular database and click on Export Dump

Click on OK to download the backup.

2. To take MSSQL  backup from Plesk Panel using Backup Manager.

In Plesk Panel right sidebar, click on Backup Manager

Click on Backup
Select “User files and databases”.
Click on Ok

3. Using SQLCMD utility (VPS/Cloud/Dedicate):
Login your Windows server using RDP.
Open the command prompt.
Go to cd "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft SQL Server\\100\\Tools\\Bin" path.


SQLCMD.EXE -E -S .\\SQL Server host name -Q "backup database database_name to disk = 'C:\\Backup_filename.sql'"


4. Using SQL Management Studio
Login your Windows server using RDP.
Open your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Select the database >> Right-click >> Tasks >> Back Up

Select the Backup Type “Full”.

In Destination, add the path, where you want to save the backup file.

Click on Add >> Select the path and enter the database backup file name

Click on Ok.

Once the Destination path gets added, click on “Ok” to generate database backup.

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