How Do I Backup my WordPress Website?

We at HostingRaja backup our clients websites on regular basis to our remote servers, all the backups taken are maintained for up to 30 days to restore, you can restore this backup by contacting our support team, these backups are not included against your disk space allotment.

For your comfort and ease you can too take the backup of your website locally which is strongly recommended. The backups taken locally can be easily restored via control panel provided to your with WordPress Hosting package, you can as well set the retention and periodicity of your backups. All the backups you have taken or going to take are included against disk space you are alloted so make sure you have sufficient web space.

Executing a one time Backup

  • Login to your control panel tool

  • Hit Backup Manager

  • Hit Backup

  • By default the backup setting will backup web page data, emails etc. by default, you can alter these if you want.

  • Hit OK to begin the backup

Scheduling a Backup

  • Log into the your WordPress hosting control panel

  • Hit Backup Manager

  • Hit Schedule

  • Under Schedule area the following choices:

  • Check Activate this backup task

  • Run this backup Task: We recommend choosing daily, select a time that is during your web pages quietest hours, based on our knowledge the time between 3am to 5am is generally a good option.

  • Check Use incremental backup

  • Perform full backup: Recommended setting is Weekly

  • Keep backup files for: Recommended setting is 3 weeks

  • Beneath Backup settings choose the following options:

  • Backup up:

    • Mail configuration &content: Leave checked unless you want to exclude email from your any backups

    • User files & databases: Make sure this is checked

  • Store in: If you own a remote FTP web server you want to backup to then you can hit configure, otherwise ignore this setting

  • Exclude log file: Except you wish to backup log file leave this unchecked

  • Exclude specific files from the backup: Leave unchecked

  • If any errors occur during the execution of this backup task, send a notification email to: Check ¬†this choice & put an email address to get notifications

  • Suspend the domain name until the backup task is completed: Leave this unchecked

  • Hit OK Button

  • Now your backups are scheduled successfully.

Having a reliable backup option for your business is very important for you WordPress based website. Anytime, anything can happen to your website, but with backups you can easily avoid unwanted tension. Simple hit restore button and you will be back in your business.

If you need more information about your website backup, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team via live chat, email, toll-free or tcket system.