Best WordPress Backup Plugins compared

Creating regular Wordpress backup is the best thing one must perform for its website. Regular backups gives the user the peace of mind and it can save the user from a situation when the website gets hacked or it gets locked out. There are many free as well paid backup plugins which are available for Wordpress and majority of them are easy to use. Here the best backup plugins will be shown to you.

Backup buddy WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most popular as well as premium backup plugin. It will allow the user to schedule the daily as well as weekly and monthly backups. It will also be able to automatically store the backups and it will also email it to yourself.

If you are using the stash services then you will also be having the ability to use the stash services. The best advantage of using this services is that there is no subscription based services hence there will be no monthly fee. You will be able to use the plugin according to the number of sites which have been mentioned in the plan. You will also be getting an access to the premium support forums, regular updates and cloud storage for storage of the backups. You can use this services for duplicating, migrating as well as restoring the website.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin

This is another type of free WordPress backup plugin used in web hosting services. This plugin will allow in creating a complete backup of the WordPress website and then store it to the cloud and download it to the computer. This type of plugin supports both scheduled as well as on-demand backups. You can choose from it on which is the file that needs to be backed up. This plugin also has a premium version with add-ons to migrate as well as clone the website. Here database search and replace and multisite support are the other things to consider. This version gets you an access to the priority support as well.

BackWpUP WordPress plugin

This is a free wordpress plugin which allows the user in creating a complete WordPress backup for free and then store it to the cloud or on the computer. This plugin is extremely easy to use and it allows the user in scheduling the automatic backup according to the websites update frequency.

Restoration of WordPress website from the backup is very simple. Here the BackWPup Pro version comes with a priority support and it also gives the ability in storing the backups in Google Drive and it comes with some other cool features as well.


WP-DB-Backup WordPress plugin

This is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugin used in web hosting services with more than 4,00,000 active installs. The only problem it carries with itself is that it backups only the WordPress database. This would mean that you will have to backup the media files manually. This would mean that you will be having the backup of the media files manually.If you are not updating the website too often or if you are not uploading the image then you can use the WP-DB-Backup as the primary WordPress backup plugin. This plugin makes it really simple to create the database backups, scheduling the automated backups and then restoring the database. This tool is very useful to the users who are not having the Wordpress plugin.


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