How do I Backup my WordPress Website?


Once you start handling a website you will have certain confusion and doubt in regards to your website. And today one of the main concerns of most of the website owner's is that taking backup of their website data. And today if you are looking best hosting provider with the best support who also take regular backup then choose us Here at HostingRaja we provide our customer the best WordPress hosting option at an affordable price, and we do also take regular backup of our customer's data.

Currently, if you are using HostingRaja WordPress hosting service then we take backup of your data to our remote servers, and if you want to restore your backup then you can contact our support team. And if you want to take the backup of your data by your self then here are the steps that you need to follow:

Taking Backup of Your Data:

* Log into your control panel
* Check in Files tab
* Click on Backup

* Once you click on the backup a page will open, there you find an option Full Backup.

* Below that you will see one more option name download a full website backup. Click on that option and it will automatically backup all your data.

* Here at Backup option you can also take Partial Backups of your website like- Download a Home Directory Backup
Download a MySQL Database Backup
Download Email Forwarders
Download Email Filters and if you want to restore all these options then you can even do that.

There is also one more way to take backup of your website:

* Log into your control panel
* Check in Files tab
* Click on Backup Wizard

* Select Back Up

* Need to select a full backup.

Once clicking on the backup option it will start taking the backup and all your backup will be in a zip format and on clicking on that zip format you can download your website data in your system.