How to Write the Blog Post in WordPress

A Blog post is similar to a web page in the specific area on the website. Here you will be assisted on the steps of writing as well as publishing the post on WordPress through you web hosting account.

Step 1: Specifying the Destination Page of the Blog Post

One needs to Click on the Settings on the left menu. Then you need to click on the reading.

Then you need to specify the destination page where the posts will be displayed. Here it will be determined which of the previously created pages you would like the blog posts to be appeared on in your account.

Editing the Other Options that will meet the needs.

Here you will be able to see several other options on the page such as the “Blog posts per page” and here you will be asked on whether to show the full blog post or the summary. You can change the settings according to the needs of the blog.

Step 2: Writing the Blog Post

For writing the Post you need to click on the tab which is on the WordPress sidebar.

Now you need to Click on the “Add New”

Step 3: Adding the Title and the Content of the Post

Here you will be noticing that the page that you have created for writing the blog post is looking very similar to that which you used used for the creation of the page. When you start using it it will work in the same way. You will be composing the post on text editor and there you will be able to preview it anytime.

You will also be able to use different formats for different posts. This you will be able to find on the right side of the editor.

Step 4: You will have to Add the Tags Now

Tags helps in not only in facilitating the navigation around the website. This will also be helping you in the Search Engine Optimization. One must make sure that the tags here are simple as well as specific.

Step 5: Now you need to Click on the Publish

Once the Publish button has been clicked the post will be appearing which is under the page which has been specified in Step 1.

Step 6: Adding Media to the Pages

In the media section of the WordPress sidebar will allow in uploading of the images, here the audio as well video can be included on the page. WordPress helps in uploading of the media a very simple task. You will be having an option of simply dragging and dropping the files on the page. You will be able to upload the button and select the file from the computer.

Once the file has been uploaded you will be able to insert that in the post by clicking on the button which is on the post page.