Deploy WordPress on Cloud Instance by using HostingRaja Cloud Orchestration


HostingRaja Cloud Orchestration rationalizes the process of building a WordPress based environment, whether as a remain solitary server or in a various server cluster. This tutorial demonstrates how to deploy WordPress by utilizing Cloud Orchestration.

Deploy the servers

  • Log in to the Cloud Server Control Panel.

  • From the top navigation block, hit Orchestration, and under Create Resources, Hit Stack.

  • At the end of the all stacks list, hover on the details for the WordPress template and hit Create Stack.

  • Choose the desired flavor, and then hit Create Stack again.

  • From the Create Stack window, assign a name & region for your stack.

  • Assign Cloud server and WordPress settings.

  • Beneath Advanced Options, if needed, enter database as well as server details.

  • Hit Create Stack.


On the stack information page, a green up status display in the status section demonstrates when the stack is operative. The stack create procedure might take few minutes to complete.

Access the servers

Once your stack is operative, on the stack information window, hit View Credentials to obtain the login detail for your new Cloud servers.

The Credentials pop-up box of stack, shows the root passwords for the database, SSH access private key that you utilize the web servers in your stack ac the root/primary user, as well the WordPress password.

Set up DNS

In case you hosted your DNS with HostingRaja Cloud server DNS, you can add a DNS entry to your new WordPress based stack. Point your domain name to the Public IP of your server that was assigned for you.

In case you do not wish to utilize public DNS with WordPress, alter your desktop’s hosts file to redirect your domain name registration to your new stack. Ensure to utilize the load balancer public IP (Internet protocol) address.

Once you are done, you can begin utilizing WordPress by navigating to the URL which you recorded at the time of stack configuration.