How to Solve the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Issue?

Are you noticing the too many 429 error requests on your WordPress website? This issue can be really annoying because it is difficult to find out what is the reason behind this. Here in this post we are going to share how to fix this issue on your WordPress website.

What Reasons WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error?

One of general cause behind this 429 issue is when a bot user or any script tries to create  to many requests to the web server. It is a measure to avert DDOS assaults on sites.

In any case on the off chance that it isn't properly designed, at that point it might wind up avoiding search engines or other APIs to run appropriately. This would cause surprising behavior on your site.


In few situation the issue is occurred when a script on your web page is creating so many requests other web page or any other service utilizing an API. In this situation, the API Would revert back with a 429 error code.


Taking this into account, let us have a look at how to without any trouble sort out and fix 429 too many requests issue in WordPress hosting account.


Resolving 429 Too Many Requests Error in WordPress

This issue can be reasoned by a several of factors. Now here we will show you various ways to sort out and fix the 429 too many request error on WordPress website.

Find & Deactivate Any Misbehaving Plugin

One of the most common reason of 429 too many request error is generally bad or misbehaving plugins on your website. These kind of plugins can every so often create subsequent requests to your web page which may be ignored by the web server with a 429 error code on your WordPress hosting account.


To start with thing you have to do is deactivate all WordPress plugins available on your site. You can perform this by going by the plugins page in your WordPress administrator section and choosing all modules. From that point forward, select 'Deactivate' under the bulk activities drop box and hit apply.



Once you do this, go to your website to see whether you are getting 429 error again. If you can not see this error, this means there is some plugin creating this issue.


Now go back to the plugin area of your WordPress website and activate plugins one by one and activating every plugin check your website. By doing this you can easily discover the plugin creating this issue.


Once you get the plugin creating this error on your website, you can replace that particular plugin with another related plugin or contact the plugin developer regarding this issue.


Change to a Default WordPress Theme

Many WordPress theme contain with functionality that generally comes with plugins. Those kind of themes may too cause 429 too many requests issue on your WordPress based website.

One of the simplest method to find out is by changing to a default WordPress themes such as Twenty Fifteen. In case this fix the 429 error problem, then you can choose any other WordPress theme as well as you can inform the developer regarding this issue.

Ask Your Web Host

Several time, you will discover a 429 error issue in third-party solution that require access to your web page. This could be a web crawlers, search engine or any other web applications.

In case you find the issue in Google Search console or in any other third-party solution, at that point in all likelihood they are sending excessively numerous requests to your site. All things considered, you have to ask your WordPress hosting service provider to not obstruct those requests.