How to Reset the Permalinks in Wordpress

WordPress uses the permalinks for connecting the URL’s for individual pages as well as posts. These can be stopped working when the update is made in the hosting, when the installation of the plugin is performed as well as the migration of the website.

When this is happened the homepage will be loading but the links and the tabs on other pages on the website will be returning an error in website hosting. Here the resetting of the permalinks will be fixing the problem.

Hence one should follow the steps as it is shown below:

Step 1 - The first step is to login to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. You will be able to use the For reaching the login page.

Step 2 - After logging in with the username and password in the settings tab which is at the left navigation menu. You need to choose the "Permalinks."

Step 3 - Now you need to record the current permalink settings which is being used. If you are using a custom settings. Here we will be changing the settings and then you will be able to change it back. Here the permalink settings are the plain, day and the name, month and the name, numeric, post name and the Custom structure.

Step 4 - Now you need to change the settings to something which is different than the current settings or what you would like to use.

Step 5 - Now you need to click on the blue save changes button.

Step 6 - Now you have to select the original settings then click on the blue save changes button.

Step 7 - Here now you will have to reset the Wordpress permalinks. You can check the website by making it sure that the pages and the posts are working.