Best 5 contact form plugin forms for WordPress Website

Have you been looking to add the contact form to your WordPress website? There are more than 1500 contact form plugins available. Here you will be shown the best 5 contact form plugins for WordPress so that you can add the contact form in the WordPress.

WP Forms for Wordpress Website

This is one of the most common and beginner friendly contact form plugin. This is being used by many of the websites. This form was made for a motive to make the plugin both easy as well as powerful. This is a drag and drops online builder form which makes it much more user-friendly form plugin which is used for WordPress.

This form is available for free in the official WordPress plugin directory hence it can be installed on as many websites as you would like and that too for free. In this plugin, the premium version will allow you to extend the functionality and building multi-page forms, email subscriptions forms, payment forms, order forms, usage of smart condition logic and much more. There are many documentation as well as guides available along with the email support for helping it when you need it the most.


Gravity Plugin Form for Wordpress Website

This is the type of plugin which comes in the paid contact form plugin which is having all the advanced functionality that one can ever as for. This is one of the most powerful form plugins which comes for the Wordpress. With the help of additional add-ons. The gravity form can be used for creating the surveys, quiz, user-submitted content as well as the web directory. There are many premium support options that come with it like FAQs, knowledge base, forums as well as email support. This would mean that you will be provided with the help when you need it the most.

Pirate Plugin Form for WordPress Website

This is free a WordPress contact form plugin which is built by the team at Themeisle, it comes with an easy to use interface which is good for creating simple contact forms. This plugin is having all the basic features such as CAPTCHA and SMTP that will be required to create a simple contact form.


Ninja Plugin Form for WordPress Website

This ninja form is a contact form plugin which comes for WordPress. This can be used in a highly interactive form without much effort. You can get this plugin for free from the Wordpress repository. This would mean that you will be able to download as well as install it on as websites as possible. There are premium extensions available as well which would allow the user to extend the Ninja forms functionality such as a Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, Salesforce, SMS notifications. This is one of the most helpful community support option, as well the documentation, guides, and the email support.


Formidable Pro Contact Form for WordPress Websites

This contact form is quickly becoming one of the popular choices among the WordPress users as well as developers. It will allow the user to quickly create beautiful contact forms which makes it very easy to set up the first contact form. A formidable pro is relatively new when it is compared to the Gravity Forms. Right now there are only fewer add-ons than the Gravity forms. However, it will gradually change when the user base grows.


These are the best 5 contact form plugins which can be used for Wordpress Website. If you are looking for WordPress hosting services you can rely on us 100% we provide the best and the most reliable Wordpress hosting services in India.