How to Sell Ads on the WordPress Blog?

One must always make sure of choosing the right blogging platform in a WordPress Hosting Service. There are two types one is the WordPress blog and the other is This is a hosted blogging service, however can also be called as the self-hosted WordPress. Now one can check the differences in comparison and is having their own WordAds program and it allows only the third party ads if you are signing up for the business plan. On the other hand you will be able to run ads on the self hosted website out of the box.

There are different kind of ads that one can sell on their WordPress blog in Wordpress hosting service. There are chances that one type of ad can work better than the other depending on the websites topic, audience as well as overall traffic. You can also combine different types of ads for creating an effective monetization strategy for the blog.

Cost Per Click Ads

These are the most type of ads which is displayed on the majority of the websites. In this case the ads are sold on the per click basis which would mean that you will be eligible of getting paid when the user is clicking on the ad. The main reason for the ad being successful is that it works best with publishers as well as advertisers. Here the advertisers will be getting the traffic to the website which can be used for generating the leads or increasing the sales as well. Here the publisher will also be getting paid for sending the traffic.

Here the advertising programs like Google Adsense allows the user for selling the cost per click ads on the website. Once it has been signed up with the Google Adsense program, the website will be visible huge number of advertisers. If your website is having a low number of traffic and if the ads have not been placed at the right place at strategic locations, then there are chances that your website may get a very low click through rate for the ads on the website. Here many website owners are able to overcome it by optimizing the ads.

Cost Per Thousand Impression Ads

These are the type of ads which is sold based on how many times the ads are displayed to the user. It means that you will be getting paid for displaying the ads on the website whenever the user is clicking on it or not.

One should remember that a cost-per-thousand-impression ads is not able to generate the same kind of revenue as it would generate in the cost-per-click ads alone. Running these type of ads can be a significant source of income if the website is able to generate a huge amount of traffic and if you do not want to place the ads very close to the content.

Here the advertisers are particularly keen on buying the CPM ads on the website which is having a high reputation among their audiences.

Cost per Mille ads


Flat Fee Ads

A Flat fee ads allows the user in selling the ad spots on the website for a specific time-period. Here one can price the ads which is based on the amount of traffic generated by a website on an average. These kind of ads provides more number of impressions as well as clicks to the advertisers and it allows the website owners in knowing exactly how much they will be earning at the end of the period. Here the advertisers tends to purchase this type of ads on their website which is having a higher number of traffic matching to their target demographics. You will be able to sell directly through the website by creation of ‘Advertise Here’ page.

Flat fee ads

Affiliate Ads

These ads can be called as action based ads. Here you will be able to send the traffic to an advertiser website, here you will be getting paid the user has completed the action. This action can be anything from creating the account to downloading the software or making a purchase. Affiliate programs will be providing you with a unique URL with the URL reference ID. You will be able to make use of this URL by creating the banner, graphics or adding the links directly into the articles. The best benefit of these type of ads are that you will be paid a huge amount when compared to cost per click or the cost per mille ad.

You will also be able to sign up for the affiliate program of different products as well as services that you would like to promote. Here each type of product, services and affiliate program comes with a commission rate, terms as well as conditions.


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