Why is the Wordpress Website admin so Slow?

Here we will be discussing some of the ways by which you can troubleshoot the slow loading WordPress website or the wp-admin panel in the hosting account.

Disabling the Plugins of the Wordpress Website

There are sometimes the plugins that will be having a problem, these problem arises mainly because it is badly coded, this could be the incompatible version of the Wordpress or there could be the reason of relying on the external sources for running in website hosting. Here in the last case, the slow behavior can happen if the external sources are inaccessible.

For fixing this you need to disable all the plugins and see if the dashboard or the website is speeding up. In this case the admin panel will be running too slow in allowing the access at all. In this case you will be able to disable the plugins by accessing the plugin folder which is at /wp-content/plugins and then renaming it to something like the plugins_backup. One must be sure of renaming it back one the testing has been finished.


Here if the website has been running normally during the test, then one needs to go back and then activate the plugins one-by-one for figuring out which one of it was causing the problem.


Checking for the Server Maintenance

If this type of issue is occuring again and again, there could be the server issues. Here sometimes the admin team will be performing some of the emergency maintenance or the updates to the server software which could have been rolled out. If you have been on a shared server then you might have been affected by the other accounts which are abusing the resource limits.

In these type of case just waiting for the maintenance for the action to complete can resolve the problem. If the server configuration has been updated then you can contact our support team.

Upgrading the Repair the Version of the WordPress

One of the main causes of a slow loading website there could some necessary files which has been corrupted or been deleted. Here the WordPress installation might have been compromised by the enterprise hackers or has been suffered with an incomplete upgrade. For fixing this type of problem you just need to upgrade and then restore the backup of the version of the WordPress. In this case the WordPress installation might have been compromised by the enterprise hackers or have been suffering with an incomplete upgrade. For fixing this type of problem you just have to upgrade or restore the backup the version of the WordPress. You might also be required to upgrade and repair a theme or the plugin which has been affected.

Optimization of the Database

This is one of the main reasons that the database is causing a problem. For fixing these type of issues you are required to use a plugin called WP-DBManager for helping it fixing the database errors and the optimizing it for the best performance.

Ruling out the Connectivity Issue

In these type of cases, the slowness on the website or the dashboard which could be related to an internet connectivity. For testing purpose one should perform any one of the following things

If you have been using a router, then you need to try connecting to the internet directly and skip the router.

By Accessing the admin panel and using the anonymous browser to check if there is any internet service provider.

You can even contact the ISP directly.

Wordpress “Go Turbo Settings”

This type of settings might not be available on the current version of the WordPress, but there could be an option to “go Turbo.”. Here you will be able to see a link which is at the upper right hand panel of the dashboard.

In this case Turbo will take the advantage of the Google Gears, which will add the special features to the browser. Once it has been installed and enabled the gears, the WordPress dashboard should be faster because mainly of the bulky scripts, images and the CSS files which will be stored locally on the computer instead of loading it each time from the server itself.