Already WordPress is installed in softaculous, But from the softaculous List, the Domain is missing and not able to install the WordPress.

  1. Login to Cpanel.

  2. Click on "File Manager" and open the installations.php file under the .softaculous folder.

  3. Copy the content and paste it in the website input box and click on the "unserialize" button, this will give the result of the file content in the array format.

  4. Identify the particular array of the domain and remove the array from the installations.php file



  5. In 1st line of the installations.php, the WordPress installation count is mentioned. For example, a:4 where "4" is the WordPress installation count.

  6. Subtract by 1 the count of the WordPress installation and save the file.

  7. Still facing the same issue rise ticket to softaculous support team for a solution.