Quick WordPress Migration With Migration Guru Plugin


This is one of the easy & quick way to migrate your wordpress from one setup to other. Example, If you want to migrate your wordpress from other service provider, you can follow the steps mentioned here or you can contact our support team, We will be very happy to do it.

Kindly install the Migration guru Plugin from your Old Wordpress dashboard (From where you want to migrate the wordpress).

After that provide the New server FTP credentials to the Migration tool. After providing the FTP credentials click the Migrate button.

Once you click the Migrate Button, the migration starts. This Plugin's help to migrate the completed WordPress account from one server to another server. 


NOTE: Before starting the migration, make sure that, Your server or hosting account is preinstalled with WordPress. 


To Start migration, perform the following steps:

1. Login your old wp-admin dashboard, Click the plugin section and then select Add new option.


2. Search Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free keyword section.


2. After installing plugin click the migration guru option in the left sidebar. provide your Email Id Once the migration gets completed your get notification to that mail id.


3. After providing the mail Id, agree with teams and conditions then, Click the Migration Site option.


4. Her your want Select the FTP option for the migrated tools


5. After selecting the FTP option, you want to provide FTP credentials.

  1. Your New website URLs.
  2. Server hostname.
  3. FTP username.
  4. FTP password.


5. After providing the FTP credentials click the Migrate option.