Working with cPanel's Metrics in Linux

cPanel provide numerous of unique site monitoring and demographic tool in order to make effortless  management of hosting account. All of the tools are available in the Metrics section of cPanel in Linux account.

Follow below steps to access cPanels metrics section:

Login to your cpanel account using password and username provided by HostingRaja during sign up.

You will be landed on cPanel main page.

Go to the matrics section of cPanel.

Below mentioned information will display in the Metrics section:

Visitors: This option shows up to 1,000 of the recent visitor entries in the Apache log for your domain’s web site.

Error: This option will show the previous 300 errors details for your website. This option can be very beneficial for getting broken links of issues with missing files. It is highly recommended to check log files frequently to your sites running smoothly.

Bandwidth: This option option of cpanel’s matrics section permits you to check the bandwidth usage details of your website.

Raw Access: This option allow you to check raw details of your visitors without showing graphs, charts or any other graphical details.

Awstats: This option produces visible statistics about visitors of your website.

Webalizer: This is a complex stats program that generates a range of charts and graphs about who has hitted your website.

Webalizer FTP Option: This is a complex demographics that generates a range of charts and graphs about the visitors visited your web page using FTP.

Metrics Editor: This option of cPanel permits to select what stats programs you will employ at the time of viewing web page statistics.

Resource Usage Overview: This feature displays detail about the resources your hosting account uses containing web space, bandwidth etc.