Creating and Managing Email Accounts


Each hosting account enables you to build one or more personalized email accounts. The permitted number of accounts is displayed in the left menu of cPanel's home page (along with other information and statistics). An Email Account performs as a virtual address for Email Messages. It's provided by your Email Account provider or Internet Service Provider. It contains details regarding your Username, Email Account provider, Email Settings and password.

You will be able to create your Email using Email Accounts options in Cpanel hosting plans. HostingRaja is the best web hosting company India with Cpanel. It offers Cpanel as a control panel to run your hosting account. In any of the shared hosting plans you purchase from HostingRaja you get Cpanel as your control panel. Our team members will provide the best support for all the Cpanel. In this page, we will discuss how to create and manage email accounts.

Why have multiple Email Accounts?
Multiple email accounts can contain personal, temporary, professional, and “throwaway” ones. These kinds of accounts are frequently used to safeguard your identity, especially if you manage to signup to utilize forums, social networking, and other online movements with an email address. Today, most individuals have one email account. According to Lifewire, email users have numerous email accounts (1.75 on average). In fact, there are additional email accounts than there are users. The average person has around two or more email accounts and if you are among this group, let us share some tips to help you manage each of them. When organizing your different email accounts, you do not want to spend a lot of time on them. There are various methods to manage your accounts, nearly effortless.

Below are the Important fields which you need to fill in, to generate your new account:

1) Email: Need to enter the email address which you want to create. And, you can select only from domains, which are associated with your accounts like the primary domain, addon, and parked domains.

2) Password - Need to select a powerful password for your brand new email account. The password strength box will help you in making it more secure.

3) Mailbox Quota - Select the size of the mailbox. Moreover, different plans have a different size of a mailbox. There will be a note with the given limit above this field.

Follow the below steps to create Email accounts:

Step 1: Login to Cpanel

Step 2: After you login into Cpanel >> Select Email accounts under email section



Step 3: On the Add Email Account page, you need to fill the necessary details to create an email account like:

Type your username

Generate password

Retype your password

You can even specify the mailbox quota

Step4: After you fill the appropriate details >> click on the Create Account

When your email account is created successfully you will get a message as shown below



Steps to access your account through cpanel

Step 1: To access an existing email account or to access which is created. You will find the Email Account option once your email id is been registered.

Step 2: Select the particular email id which you want to access

Step 3: In the selected email id you will find More option

Step 4: Click on access webmail

Step 5: After it gets logged in into your email account, you can Choose a Default Webmail Application

Step 6: After you select the webmail application you will be login into your account as shown in the below screenshot (here, Roundcube is selected as the webmail application)




 To access mail account from webmail login :

Step 1: Use Domainname/webmail eg you have a domain name then type in your browser

For secured access:

https://ServerIP:2096 - Access your Webmail with https and your IP address - Access your Webmail with https and your domain name


For insecure access:

http://ServerIP:2095 - with http and your IP address. - Access your Webmail with http and your domain name


Step 2: Enter your email ID and password and click on login

Methods to configure an Email account in mail client:

The mail client feature allows Users to configure the Email account in Email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail etc. You can either configure the Email client manually or automatically.

Steps to configure the setup mail client

Step 1: In email accounts >> click on more option next to the mail id >> Click on “Connect Devices” option corresponds to the Email account.

Step 2: After you click on connect devices >>  Click on “Setup Email Client” as shown below


To setup manual you need to enter the name of the server as, eg., if your domain name is then the name of the server, should

Note: It is recommended to use SSL/TLS while configuring mail client.

If you need any assistance in Creating and Managing Email Accounts feel free to contact our technical team members as they are available 24/7 via phone call, email, ticket system.