Add A New DNS Zone And Manage DNS Records For A Domain Hosted On Windows VPS in RDP:

This tutorial will assist you in adding a new DNS Zone, add/edit/delete various DNS records in DNS Zone,

  1. Log in to your VPS via Remote Desktop. Please refer to how to connect  windows VPS using RDP for more details.

  1. Go to Start  >> Administrative Tools >> DNS.

  1. Expand the server tab [name of your computer, e.g., HV01ACCU100].

  1. Right-click on Forward Lookup Zones and click on New Zone.

2.Click on Next.

3.Select the zone type as Primary zone and click on Next.

Type your domain name in New Zone Wizard dialog box, e.g.,

Select Create a new file with this file name option under Zone File.

Check Do not Allow Dynamic Updates and click Next