Add A, MX, And Nameservers Records To DNS Zone:

A Records:

  1. In order to add A records to DNS Zone, right-click on the DNS Zone name and select New Host (A or AAAA). A specifies that you are adding an IP version 4 (IPv4) host resource record type of the record. AAAA specifies that you are adding an IP version 6 (IPv6)host resource record type of the record.

  1. In New Host Window, enter the name of the record (If you keep it blank, it will use the parent domain).

  1. Enter the IP address of your server name. If you check the checkbox Create Associated pointer (PTR) Record and click Add Host, you may receive a dialog box that appears with the message You can only create PTR records if the corresponding reverse lookup zone is available. This error indicates that you have not created a corresponding reverse lookup zone, created with an incorrect zone name or network ID.

    In some cases, ISP or Web Hosting providers do not allow the end customers to add a reverse lookup zone. In such cases, even if you add a reverse lookup zone, it would not get into effect until your ISP/Web Hosting providers add them at the main DNS Zone. By checking this option, A record will be created without creating a corresponding PTR record. By following the steps, you need to add the following A records.

  • *.........(*
  • FTP......(
  • WWW...(
  • Mail......(
4. To edit/delete existing records, select the DNS record your wish to edit/delete and right-click on it. Click the Delete button to delete it and the Properties button to edit it.

MX Record:

  1. In order to add MX records to DNS Zone, right-click on the Zone name and select New Mail Exchanger (MX) record.

2. Keep the Host or Child Domain field blank. Enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name ( of the mail server and set priority ( 0 = Highest priority ). Similarly, you can also add CNAME and other new records.

Update Nameservers:

  1. Double-click on Zone name, and Click on Name Server (NS) type.

    2. Select the Name Server tab. Select  "Fully Qualified Domain name" and click on Edit.

    3. Enter your desired nameservers and add an IP address. Repeat the above steps for other nameservers. Please note that you can use the same or different IP address for both nameservers. If your domain registrar is giving an error of the same IP address, then you have to purchase an additional IP address.