How to Reset SA Password in SQL Server:

Log in to your VPS via Remote Desktop. Please refer to how to reset password in windows VPS using RDP for more details.


 1. Please login your rdp 


2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.


4. The Connect to Server dialog opens. Select Windows Authentication and select Connect to log into the server dashboard.

5. The Object Explorer opens. The SQL Server Instance name opens and several options should expand below it. If the list doesn’t expand, click on the [+] icon to expand it.

6. Click on the [+] beside Security to expand the folder.

7. Click on the [+] beside Logins to expand the folder.

8. Double-click on the user login; [sa].  The properties window for the login [sa] opens.


9. Enter the new password and enter again to confirm. Note that the deSfault  password used in the original install is [RPSsql12345].

10.Press OK.

11.  Disconnect from the database instance.

12. Reconnect to the database instance using the SQL Server Authentication,    the user name SA,  and the new password.


NOTE=   once reset the password if it's not working, please restart  the SQL Server and  check